Wellbeing at Work Summit 2019: Philadelphia


We’re excited to be heading to Philidelphia in a few weeks for the Wellbeing at Work Summit! We asked Account Executive Mary Beth Basu and Director of Marketing Maggie Belshe what they’re most excited to learn at the summit. Here’s what they told us:

  1. The keynote address from Dr. Dexter Shurney on initiating and sustaining engagement in wellness programs. At Pack Health, we know how important intrinsic motivation is to engagement. It’ll be interesting to hear Dr. Shurney’s take on how to expand that to a comprehensive wellness program. We’ll likely all walk away with great suggestions on how to drive long-term sustained engagement. 
  2. Tara Marcus and Joel Sand’s presentation on mental health and why it’s a critical component of a wellness program. We often see mental health issues coexisting with chronic disease in Pack Health participants, and experts say mental health is, in fact, the root cause of many wellness issues. Thinking more broadly about total worker health, we’re looking forward to learning how mental health impacts workplace productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, and retention. 
  3. Making new connections in Philadelphia! We’re both excited to meet new friends in this region, hear about innovative strategies from local employers, and spread the word about how Pack Health can drive chronic condition outcomes for your wellness program. 

Thanks to Innovative Benefit Planning for hosting this wonderful event! Stop by Booth 20 to talk with Mary Beth and Maggie and enter yourself to win a FitBit Smart Scale! #ibpwellbeing2019