New Webseries: Let’s Unpack That


Starting this month, we’re rolling out a new form of webseries. This five-episode series will give you an unfiltered look of what goes on behind the scenes of health behavior change. We’ll be hearing from our team experts as they provide stories, perspectives, and insight on how digital health coaching changes behavior — from start to finish.  We’ll be diving into everything from how we use learning styles to influence behavior change to Health Advisor training to digital empathy. Each episode will be:

  • ACCESSIBLE: Quick, digestible microlessons that fit into your busy schedule
  • PERSONAL: Authentic Q&A answers real questions from clients and subscribers
  • ACTIONABLE: Tips for using evidence-based recommendations in your daily efforts

Additionally, we’ll be providing exclusive resources, including white papers, additional Q&A documents, and sample content to those who pre-register. To learn more about the series or to get registered, click here!