Insight Snapshot: Transportation as a Barrier to Care


As you may have heard, we recently partnered with Uber Health to coordinate free rides for members whenever transportation presents a barrier to getting the right care. This is a part of a larger effort to help Pack Health members overcome social determinants of health and access the right care at the right time, in a scalable and data-driven way. Here’s what you need to know:

Show Me the Data

For our monthly insights report, Perspicuity Pulse, we poll our patients regularly to better understand their experience and care gaps. Our August 2018 Pulse focused on Social Determinants, and we found that 1 in 10 members reported that they had to forgo care because they lacked reliable transportation.


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This number is consistent with existing healthcare data; a literature review of 25 studies found that 10-51% of patients reported a lack of transportation as a barrier to healthcare access and utilization.

Existing data has shown success from programs targeting transportation-disadvantaged individuals. The results of similar programs, such as Florida’s NEMT program, have seen positive results across the board.  The program targeted citizens who lacked access to transportation in five different areas, including medical trips. For every dollar invested in the medical trip sector, the payback to the state came out to $11.08. Additionally, the state will benefit from healthier citizens and lower healthcare costs.

Optimizing to Address Social Determinants: What Comes Next?

Transportation is just one piece of the puzzle for Pack Health members, and this initiative is part of a larger movement to coordinate the right sources at the right time for maximum engagement and impact. If you want to join the movement, learn more about our latest partnerships, or subscribe to our monthly insights report The Patient Pulse, email


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