Activate Patients Beyond Clinic Doors

Connecting patients with our Health Advisors is good for
adherence, outcomes, and quality improvement in healthcare.

Readmissions Reduction

30-day post-discharge engagement to
reduce preventable readmissions.

Readmissions reduced by 35% on average.
83% of participants completed
PCP follow up visit.

Disease Management Coaching

Personalized support within
diagnosis-specific engagement tracks.

Typical results include reducing HbA1C by 1%, reducing
cancer pain and fatigue symptoms by 33%, and decreasing
autoimmune flare frequency by 51%

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Augment Pack Health membership experience
with health device integrations
aligned to CMS’ Remote Patient
Monitoring codes.

200+ devices supported

Pack Health addresses
Social Determinants
of Health to

  • keep patients
    healthy at home,
  • close care gaps between
    clinic visits,
  • motivate healthy
    behavior change, and
  • drive better
    health outcomes
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Therapeutic Area Coverage

Pack Health offers condition-specific coaching for 25+ chronic conditions.
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51% average increase in weekly exercise
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50% reduction in flare frequency.
Pain reduced by

Tumor-Agnostic Symptom Management
Breast Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Clinical Trials Support

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Musculoskeletal pain
reduced by 31%

Hepatitis C
Overactive Bladder
Chronic Pain
Musculoskeletal Pain

“It really focuses on comprehensive delivery of what’s needed for the patient… It’s using all different ways to touch patients where they are because that’s where care is going.”

Dr. Stacy Garrett-Ray
Vice President, University of Maryland Medical System

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