Pack Health Presents Late-Breaker at American Diabetes Association’s 2019 Scientific Sessions: Reduction of Diabetes Distress and A1C Consistent Across Populations


For Immediate Release: June 10, 2019

Pack Health Presents Late-Breaker at American Diabetes Association’s 2019 Scientific Sessions
Reduction of Diabetes Distress and A1C Consistent Across Populations

June 10th, 2019 (Birmingham, AL) –

The results of Pack Health’s digital health coaching program for Type 2 Diabetes were highlighted in a Later Breaker Poster Presentation yesterday at the American Diabetes Association’s 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco. The poster segments the results of an African American (AA) population in the Deep South (AL, GA, GL, and MS) as compared to a national non-African American population to show consistent and statistically significant improvements in glycemic control and reduction in diabetes distress.

The goal of this study was to measure the severity of diabetes distress and assess the impact of digital health coaching on patient outcomes. Participants reduced diabetes distress, as measured by the Diabetes Distress Scale (DSS), by 19% (AA population) and 20% (non-AA) on average, and 18% of participants in both populations reduced their A1C from above 7% to below 7% over the initial 12 weeks of engagement. The DSS is a validated Patient Reported Outcome measure, used to assess a patient’s concerns about disease management, support, emotional burden, and access to care.

“Diabetes is a difficult disease to self-manage because daily issues are complex, demanding, and often confusing,” says Dhiren Patel PharmD, VP of Medical Affairs at Pack Health. “These reductions in Diabetes Distress are essential to the sustainability of glycemic control, and tell us that our members are experiencing not only a better clinical outcome but also better quality of life. The next step for us, as a research organization, is to hone in on which health coaching activities drive improvement in diabetes distress.”

When asked what this program meant to him, Pack Health member Marcus spoke to “accountability” and the realization that “I had to be the biggest change in my life”. In addition to losing weight and reducing his A1c, Marcus reports “getting a strong support group” and “[reducing] medication costs”.

The poster was presented yesterday, and remains on display in the Poster Hall today.

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