Enabling anyone who has or is at risk for a chronic condition
to live their healthiest, happiest life.

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Beyond Clinic Doors

Pack Health’s digital health coaching interventions address social determinant barriers to improve experience, behavior, and outcomes.


Engagement Model

Pack Health Advisors build accountability and deliver personalized support by talking and texting – almost like a really helpful and overqualified friend. With 5+ touchpoints per week and resource referrals on an as-needed basis, members are supported to overcome barriers and achieve personal health goals.

Platform Services

Resource partners like Uber Health, integrations with remote monitoring devices, and concierge services like personalized diet and exercise plans take member engagement to the next level.

Disease States

The Pack Health platform incorporates engaging digital content to support healthy habits and simplify the experience of navigating healthcare needs for over 25 chronic conditions. A few of the most popular include:


Members reflect on and set personal health goals every 90 days. At these quarterly checkpoints, they also complete a short survey to track progress on key behavioral and clinical metrics. Click here to download a case study on engagement and results.

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